i finished this page about a day ago and her name is Luna and i am really proud of this page


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    When ur name is luna and you love purple a lot..kinda look like the character and maybe ur personality is like the character but you are emo af and u wear black most of the time..hi my name is luna and this is me..

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    Hey guys! I was hoping you would check out my account! It’s filled with good pins ( especially for people who love to laugh) (And people who are looking for hacks) it would really mean a lot to me if you followed me! Thanks for your time!

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    HEY! DO u want someone to draw your oc for Free?!! Well lucky for you! I have made a board called drawing YOUR OC! GO CHECK IT OUT BEFORE ITS FULL! Just dm me or join the group and post your character in thr submissions! And boom! Now i can draw your oc for Free!! But don't forget too credit if your going to use it!

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    Hi, can someone draw me? 🥺 I would love to have my own drawing for an avatar or something. I added my photos to the board me, myself and I. My ig : alexandrasmyka

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    That is so cute I also have a furry character named lulu luna and it was just to see if I can make a furry but maybe I can make her a page and post it 🥰

  6. Posted by liviass1008, — Reply

    essa perca muito com a personagem que eu criei mas com personalidade oposta elas são iguais pois os olhos e a cor do cabelo são iguais

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    I'll draw your OC for FREE! Just join my Ayoooo, I'll draw your OC board and you can have it done for FREE! I keep up to date and you'll probably have it done within one week!

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    Just curious what style of drawing does this classify as, I want to learn how to draw like this but I can’t find drawings like this to help me learn how to draw like this

  9. Posted by the_tired_lemon, — Reply

    What markers do you use? They're real nice and smooth. Love your character Luna, she's soo cute ! u3u <3

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    I made a Google classroom dedicated to character design! Join if you're bored and want to draw! Code: iavemvc

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